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If you'd like to offer visitors to your Web site an easy link to International Real Estate, we encourage you to add a text or graphic link to The linking graphic and images may be used only to link to the Web site. We ask that when you link to us, you do it in an appropriate context and as a service to your Web visitors.

Select one of the images below for usage on your Web site. Simply click on the adjacent HTML code block and copy it. You may then paste it anywhere on your Web site, which will automatically create a link to International Real Estate.

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Short Version: ( is the global property portal, a network of international real estate websites.

Long Version: ( is the most visited international real estate network that is used by tens of thousands of potential buyers and renters to search among thousands of up to date real estate listings from all over the world. is the number 1 destination for international real estate experts (agents and developers) in 200+ countries.

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